About The Team

The Malaysian DotCom is a company dedicated to serving individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses. We make it our mission to provide excellent customer service and to create packages and provide services with unbeatable value. With the emphasis on “No Hidden Charges”, you can be assured that we have your best interests at heart and that we believe in providing genuine value and helping you succeed via the Internet.

We specialise in all things “IT” and we complement your business by providing the following services:

  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Website + Email Hosting & Virtual Private Servers
  • Domain Registration & Renewal
  • E-Commerce Enablement
  • Content Management Systems
  • Professional Technical Consultation

We commit ourselves to being “Solution Oriented” and “Customer Focused” – whether you are an individual, freelancer, entrepreneur, small business owner or a large firm, our priority is helping you meet your goals.

So give us a call today to find out how to: “Get Noticed, Get TheMalaysian.com“!

Our Management Team

Melody Christie, Director Of Administration
BTH Academie de Grenoble (France)
Kristy Christie, Director Of Technical Services
Professional In Network-Centered Computing
MBA in Entrepreneurial Management (Aust.)
Andrew Dass
Marketing Consultant