We at TheMalaysian.com will care for your success and therefore we make sure that certain rules in web design Malaysia sites are strictly followed for your success.

1) Make sure your web design does not get the visitor lost

Web Design Malaysia - Clear webpages are essentialWhen you take a route to travel , will you take a complicated route to your destination or the shortest and most simple and clear route?

What a question, of course a straight forward route unless want to makan angin. Same in web design Malaysia, a simple, straight forward route for your website visitor to travel through your webpages easily in an orderly fashion. Avoid slow-loading flash pages at all costs!

Your visitor will get lost and also when he or she comes back they are going to get fedup because of your slow-loading flash page that they already saw the first time, tortured again. I ask you will you want to be tortured? So why torture the poor visitors. They will just leave.

2) Too many banner advertisements will hinder your success

Malaysians suffer from what they call banner blindness. When the banner appears in a web design Malaysia , Malaysian eyes will not see it, the brain either just ignores it or gets distracted. Now do you want your prospect to be distracted or focused on touring website?

Web design by www.themalaysian.com will care for your website to make sure that the is no such distractions and  people who come to your website will be impressed enough to read about you, your company and your products for your success.

3) Splash Pages Are A No, Noflash

Web Design Malaysia - No splash pages

Splash pages are useless pages. They may say ”ENTER” or ”Welcome”. Malaysians hate this type of time wasting. I am sure you also hate it. You want to get to the content as quickly as you can … and how do yo feel when the internet loads slowly and finally, after waiting for ages, all the webpage shows is some fancy-pants splash page and has the “Enter Site” link. Oh no! you have to wait some more to load the next page.

Are you happy now? Of course not. So webdesign malaysia must not, and will not, have splash pages

4) Never leave the visitor to your website confused by the web design

Ok, you got a visitor who is reading intently, but if you do not make it clear where to buy or contact you , they will just happily leave after that. Big big mistake. The web design malaysia will make sure that the website is clear for the visitors to know where they are and what they must do to get more information at all times.

5) Stop that lousy music that plays when people reach your website

Web Design Malaysia - No annoying musicDo you know some malaysia websites are having music or even songs that go on and on and on and on?
If the webdesigner thinks it is good ,then he or she has no clue. Imagine that the music is from the nineteen seventies era and the visitor was born in 1980, can you see where that is going?

Or the music is from the heavy metal album and your visitor is over 50 or a mother working from home. Just cut it out. Webdesign malaysia will see to it. No music is good for your business. Want to insist to put music? Then do a youtube video separately, if you want more business.

So if you are looking for web design Malaysia packages that are on par, or exceeds the industry standard, whilst keeping your visitors happy, TheMalaysian.com‘s web design is the way to go!