Web Hosting Malaysia – Domain Names

Why You Need Web Hosting Malaysia For Your Domain Name

Web Hosting Malaysia - Domain NamesA lot of Malaysians especially those new to the internet get confused with the various terms that they encounter.

You must not think that all this internet stuff is complicated. Hello! How many Malaysians know how a car engine works? A very, very small percent of the population, isn’t it? But look at them drive, even Sebastian Vettel pucat.

Like that you do not need to know so much technicalities about web hosting Malaysia. What you need to know is how to use web hosting Malaysia to improve your business.

So, the first thing in web hosting Malaysia is to choose a domain name. Ah! What is a domain and what is a domain name?

A domain is just an address in the big wide world of internet.

Imagine if your manager sent your despatch boy to deliver a parcel to your client and tell him that the client is in Petaling Jaya, can the boy find the address. Mana boleh?

Same here in the internet and web hosting. You need an accurate and precise address. That internet address is called URL.

Ah see again these fellows are trying to confuse you. No, no they are simply creating words so they can function easily without misunderstanding each other. Just as in any industry those people will have short abbreviations and terms for their understanding and convenience.

URL is simply the address in web hosting. The full word is Unique Resource Locator.

So what does it do? It tells the internet world where to locate you. Another name is domain or website address.

Who allocates the URLs or address?

The major countries, mmmm! America lah and a few others formed an organization just like the ROC registrar of companies (or the registrar of businesses) in Malaysia. This was done to control the addresses in the internet and so the Dot Com was born.

How to choose a dot com name for web hosting Malaysia.

First of all you must remember that dot com names are finishing fast as millions are already registered. Also you must decide whether you want a dot com dot my (.com.my) or just dot com . There are others but your customers may not be able to remember, so better to stick with dot com or .com.my

And another thing.. choose a domain name (of course if still available) that will reflect your business. This is important. Example if your business is selling sofa sets and your business name is ‘Ah Leng Sofa Sdn Bhd’ DO NOT choose ahlengsofa.com. Why nobody maybe searching for ahleng sofa in google. So how will they find your website.

I know you are thinking “what are they talking about, see Pensonic it is pensonic. I want to make my company name famous so I will use ahlengsofa dot com.

Please don’t do that. Maybe use SofaMalaysia.com (if available). In Google many people are looking for sofa Malaysia but not ahleng sofa. If you want to register .com.my then you must produce company documents and will take a few days to get registered but just .com can be done fast.

So go Malaysian go. Click here to check if the domain name you want is available. Go get a domain name for your business but remember with the domain name you need web hosting Malaysia to build your website.