Find yourself turning down projects because you don’t have the resources? Our white-label services allow you to easily extend your team when you need to. With our specialised skills in website development and online marketing, you & your company can focus strategic solutions for your clients – while we handle the “tech”!

Website & CMS Development

Many firms trust us to handle the development of their designs and the Content Management System (CMS) needs of their clients. By working as a “white label” development team, we take your design files and convert them into a neat, hand-coded, SEO optimized markup which is then  thoroughly tested in all modern browsers. Why do agencies choose to work with us time & time again?

  • We’re trustworthy – no worries about client poaching here
  • We’re quick – we tend to be able to accommodate short deadlines
  • We’re affordable – we don’t overprice

Some Malaysian creative and design agencies have also opted for our team members to join them in client meetings (whilst maintaining that level of “white label”), to field technical questions as well as streamline the project management process.

This lets you focus on what you do best – coming up with creative and innovative solutions – and letting us handle the technical side of executing the code development.

Custom Cloud Apps That Solve Business Issues

We specialise in developing a variety of “Cloud Applications” to help solve challenges you are facing. For 2 examples of the business challenges we’ve helped our clients overcome:

UDA Legasi

With an internal sales team as well as a team of “partnered” real estate agents who were promoting their apartment units, the Legasi team needed for their sales personnel & partners to always have up-to-date information at their fingertips. This included knowing which apartment units were available for booking, collecting buyer documentation & details, sharing those documents with partner-banks to help buyers secure loans, as well as allow their lawyers to keep them updated on the process of a property sale. We built them a system that did all of this and more — buyers could review and manage their property purchases online, as well as make progress payments. This system helped increase sales, increase customer satisfaction and enabled out-of-state real estate agents to sell their units.

Menara Pinang

Their condo management team found that their staff was spending far too much time per month in compiling and preparing bills for their tenants that ranged from electricity usage to housekeeping services. Some of their challenges included fluctuating electricity rates/usage and number of short term tenants. What they needed was a system that was customised to the way that they worked, allowed them to record details each week and generated monthly invoices at the click of a button. We built a system that would allow them to track their tenants, keep track of tenant’s billings and reduce the “human errors” during billing preparation and help assure tenants.

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