When you first decide to start an online store, one of the decisions you will need to make is – which credit card processing company should I choose?

PayPal: Free setup but higher cost per sale

For small businesses that want to start selling online with as little upfront cost as possible, PayPal is a popular choice because it is FREE to start an account with them. We can connect PayPal to your store so that you can start accepting credit cards right away.

Like all Payment Processing companies, PayPal does charge you per sale. When writing this article, the current PayPal rate when selling within Malaysia is 3.9% + 2.00 MYR per sale. So, for example: If your store is a boutique selling handbags, and a customer buys a bag for RM 380, then the PayPal fee for that bag is RM 16. What happens is, Paypal will deduct (minus) this fee and you will get the balance of RM 364.

For the latest PayPal rates, please click here to check their website.

So though it is free to start with PayPal, a lot of store owners will have to consider if they are comfortable with the rates. Also, PayPal does not include services like Maybank2U etc

iPay88: Setup fee but lower cost per sale & no yearly maintenance fee

There are also other payment providers like iPay88 that we can help you register & set up on your site so that you can accept credit cards & bank transfer like Maybank2U etc.

For smaller stores (where your monthly sales is under RM 4,000), iPay88 charges around RM 1388 for the setup and about 4% for each transaction. If your monthly sales are above RM 4,000 then iPay88 charges 3% per sale.

eGHL: Yearly maintenance fee & even lower cost per sale

This company charges RM 399 to setup your account and will continue to charge RM 399 yearly IF your yearly sales is under RM 6,000

However, their transaction fee is only 2.8% per sale.

Thus, as a store owner, you need to carefully check each plan and consider which would be best for you.

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