You have a beautifully designed website.
Now, you need website visitors

Whether you provide a service such as engineering project management or sell products such as water pipes, clothes or anything else, all website owners want the same thing : more website visitors who find out about their business and ultimately, become clients or customers.

Here’s a quick run down on the options available to increase your websites “visibility”.

The quickest way to get traffic is advertising in search engines such as Google. Google allows website owners to advertise their website and the ad is shown when a Google visitor searches for something related to your ad.

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When a Google searcher sees your ad, and decides to click on it, Google will debit your account by a certain amount (example: 10 US cents). And this is why this form of advertising is called Pay Per Click = because you pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement.

The cost of the click is based on how many people search for the particular phrase and other variables – Google sets the price. We will help you research the keywords and provide you with Google’s costing.

Lets say that your firm is a real estate agency and wishes to advertise when people search for “buy houses shah alam”.

You will need to allocate an advertising budget (for example, RM 1000 a month) and if you choose to advertise for a phrase like “buy houses shah alam”, “rent apartment petaling jaya” and “sell house in malacca” and (for example) Google charges 20¢ USD per click for any of these keywords, then the RM 1000 advertising budget would breakdown as:

RM 1000 divided by 4.30 (or whatever the current USD to MYR exchange rate is) divided by 20¢ (per click) = 1562 Google visitors who are looking for “buy houses shah alam”, “rent apartment petaling jaya” OR “sell house in malacca” and who chose to click on your advertisement to go to your website.

Please do note that the position of the advertisement changes – based on how much other companies are competing to advertise for the keyword. It works like a “bidding” system.

The advertising budget is flexible and it is up to you to decide how much you want to allocate to Google. It works like a debit card, you top up your Google Advertising Account, and they will deduct only when someone clicks on your ad. Once your total budget has been spent, your advertisement will automatically stop appearing in Google until you top up the budget.

We offer various retainer-based packages for Startups, SMEs and Corporations. Get in touch with us for more details.  

We will help provide you with the list of potential keyword phrases you might want to consider, the number of people searching for such phrases per month, the cost charged by Google per keyword and the monthly performance reports of how many people clicked your advertisement etc. We will also draft up to 2 ad copies, for your consideration, per month. You will have full access to your AdWords account for reports & analytics.

Most people find websites by searching for something in the search engine like Google. The regular websites that Google ranks in its search results page are known as “organic search results”

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This is why Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are so popular. Because PPC allows your website ad to immediately appear on the first page of Google. However, PPC advertisements can get expensive over the long run – and that is why many website owners start to wonder: how do I get my website on the first page of Google – without having to pay for Pay Per Click?

That is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in.

The reason why Google is such a popular search engine is because it gives people what they are looking for.

If your website is optimised properly, when the Google bot comes to your website, it will increase your changes of getting ranked in the Google search results page.

However, optimising the page doesn’t just require technical IT skills, it requires technical online marketing skills. The service charge for this is much higher as a lot more intensive work is required by specialised internet marketing experts.

We will carefully research keywords, help advise you on which would be best for your company (as you do not want to get ranked for keywords that will not bring you qualified website enquiries), determine how popular they are worldwide (to ensure that there are people searching for them), prepare the website with search engine optimisation, and perform all the various trade-secret search engine marketing strategies to get you listed in Google.

For more information on getting your website Search Engine optimised, please contact us.