New Anti-SPAM Solution Installed On Mailservers

We are pleased to announced that a new Anti-SPAM solution, known as "ASSP Deluxe", has been installed on the mailserver to combat the increasing number of SPAM messages that users are receiving.

To reduce your SPAM, if any SPAM messages are received in your email accounts, please forward them to: assp-spam@yourdomain.com

For any genuine emails mistakenly marked as SPAM (these are referred to as "false positives"), please forward them to: assp-notspam@yourdomain.com so that the software reduces the number of "false positives".

You will also find a folder in your webmail / email accounts called "SPAM". Please remember to check this folder occassionally to ensure that you do not miss any genuine emails incorrectly tagged as SPAM (although the risk of this is low as the Anti-SPAM software has been configured to reduce the number of "false positives").




Sunday, September 11, 2011

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